General Info About OLT Auditions

Auditions are typically held on a Monday and a Tuesday evening, starting at 7:00 p.m. You do not have to attend both nights of auditions, but you are welcome to read both nights of auditions if you’d like. If callbacks are necessary, the director will schedule the date and time. 

Audition appointments are not necessary unless you are unable to attend auditions on the regularly scheduled days and times. In that case, the Director may agree to schedule a separate audition appointment for you. This choice is entirely up to the Director.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. You do not need to have prepared monologues. Copies of the scripts for the current season’s plays are available at the Downtown, Lacey, and Tumwater branches of the Timberland Library. You may ask for a copy of the script at the information desk. Scripts are only available for use at the library and may not be checked out. 

Headshots and resumes are welcome at auditions, but are not necessary.

Rehearsals are typically Monday through Thursday. Additional rehearsals and/or the rehearsal schedule are at the Director’s discretion. Performances are typically Thursday through Sunday; Sunday is the only matinee.

Olympia Little Theatre is a community theater and you need not have any previous experience, just passion and commitment!


for Life is Complicated at Olympia Little Theatre Play runs July 15-30, 2022

  • Sunday May 22 – 2pm AND Monday May 23 at 7pm.

Auditions take place in the Annex building behind OLT at 1925 Miller Ave SE and will consist of cold readings from the script.

For questions or to schedule an audition at another time contact the Director, Kendra Malm,  Ages listed are playing ages.

Both experienced & new actors are urged to audition!

Plot Summary: Chelsea Walsh is a hetero transgender woman living a comfortably stealth life in Seattle and has just decided to re-enter the dating scene. Her relationship with her family is good but sometimes uneasy, until her mother reveals to a co-worker that Chelsea used to be her son, Chris. Chelsea is emboldened to open up about her life, and in speaking out in her workplace and to her friends, she finds a way to navigate through everyone else’s expectations to make her own route to happiness

Chelsea Walsh     (Woman, transgendered mid 40’s)A single professional woman, urban planner for the city of Seattle, mid 40’s. She is attractive, and dresses professionally but stylishly. She is also quite tall, with an athletic figure rather than being either model-slender or curvy, moving with a controlled energy. She is transgender, though initially is very reticent about it. She has a dry sense of humor which she often uses to protect herself and which becomes more biting after her past is revealed.

Zoë Vandervecken  (Woman 30’s) Chelsea’s friend, A free-spirited artist/graphic designer. Bright and outgoing, she has no filters and says whatever pops into her mind, though there is no malice in her and she is not by any means dumb. She has a hip style to her dress that’s not exactly high-fashion, nor bohemian, nor artsy, but a unique combination of the three.

Dave Walsh         (Man late 30’s) Chelsea’s brother.  NA – Role has been cast.

Jordan Kramer   (Man 30’s)  Lawyer for city, works in same building as Chelsea. Chelsea’s love interest and a match for her physically and intellectually.  Has an off-beat sense of humor which compliments hers and helps bring her out of her shell.  Is hurt and perplexed when Chelsea’s secret comes out because she didn’t confide in him.

Midge Walsh       (Woman 60’s) Chelsea’s Mom. Stylish suburban housewife, She’s a trim, stylish woman, the picture of the perfect upper-middle-class housewife and mother, which is part of her problem; she has a deep need to keep up that image.  Not pleased with the choices Chelsea has made, she is the vehicle for Chelsea’s secret coming out.  She does love her children and is in her own meddling way trying to protect Chelsea.

Chuck Walsh       (Man 60’s) Chelsea’s Dad . Aerospace engineer & ex-Marine, He is a tall, fit man with a very no-nonsense manner to him.  Reserved almost to the point of being taciturn, he takes life as it comes, though this hides a similar sense of humor as Chelsea’s.

Audition Scheduling

Audition announcements for our upcoming season will be posted here and to our Facebook page. Stay tuned for more information!



Copies of the scripts are on reserve at the Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater branches of the Timberland Library.